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The Psychotherapy Society of Hong Kong, a member society of The Federation of Medical Societies of Hong Kong, is a multidisciplinary association of psychotherapists and counsellors in Hong Kong. Members come from a variety of mental health and related disciplines including psychiatry, clinical psychology, counselling, family medicine, and social work. The membership also comprises a number of different nationalities and ethnicities. Full or Associate Membership is awarded on the basis of qualifications, training, and supervised experience.

The Society was registered in 1995 with the aims of furthering the increase of knowledge about psychotherapy within Hong Kong, enabling the exchange of knowledge and experience among relevant professionals, promoting training in psychotherapy, and supporting the ethical practice of psychotherapy in Hong Kong. Since that time it has held regular learned meetings, sponsored educational events and supervision groups, and provided a forum for clinicians to meet and discuss topics of professional concern.

Learned meetings reflect the varied clinical, professional and intellectual interests of members of the Society. Speakers include well-known, local and international, practitioners and academics.

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Motivational Interviewing

Motivational Interviewing (MI) is a well-researched form of therapy to bring about change in resistant clients. MI is a directive and client-centred counselling method, which has been refined over

Level 1 Schema Therapy Pr

This introductory workshop will help attendees gain an understanding of the Schema Therapy model and provide an extensive platform for learning new skills and techniques used in Schema Therapy. The